My sister Lucinda and I enjoyed a wonderful tour of Philadelphia and New Jersey tracing our Patriot ancestor, John Todd. Lucinda and I ‘talk’ the same language but use different mediums. She is a musical composer/writer of musical theatre and I am a fine artist, so we were observing from different viewpoints, but it is amazing how similar our views were. The highlight of the trip had to be the opening of the new Museum of the American Revolution. It is a must-see trip to share with your family. Enjoy a few photos that help to tell the story.

As I mentioned in my newsletter I recently did the research to officially become a Daughter of the American Revolution on my mother’s family side which has encouraged me to visit some of the places that my patriot might have lived and fought for our country’s independence. A Patriot Series of paintings is in the hopper.



Start of our tour in Philadelphia was to visit the Liberty Bell, of course.

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Sister Lucinda and Jann at the Second Bank of the United States.

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The Museum of the American Revolution

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The British ‘Red Coat’ and a Colonial.


A dragoon at Cowpen’s battle in SouthCarolina.


I had to take this photo as our Patriot John TODD was taken prisoner by the British, put on a prison ship but managed to escape. If any would like to read the story, send me an email to and I will send you a wee bit of text. It’s a very interesting story as his wife’s maiden name was also called TODD. Can you imagine the research on that one? One becomes a true investigator.


An area just for kids to play dress up. The costumes were kid-size.


Actors were on the streets interacting with you. You could walk the entire area and yes, we recorded a LOT of steps!


Where our Constitution was written.


Patriot’s Gallery with life-size bronzes of the signers.

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And then we visited the headstones in a beautiful part of New Jersey where they lived. These headstones are both correctly called Major John TODDs with different birth and death dates but both are our 7 and 8 generation relatives.

Many more sites were visited which included numerous museums and a quick trip into NYC for two musicals. It will take a bit of time to absorb all that we saw and did.