TUSCANY – Villa Nobile, Cortona

Photos of Painting Holidays at Villa Nobile, Cortona. Click a thumbnail to see the slideshow. Villa Nobile is a beautiful, newly restored villa outside of Cortona, a historical hilltop village. We stay in apartments and have an art studio for our use. Our travel host, Raffaele Nobile takes care of our every need while we paint.
Go to Tuscany in the Frame’s website.


4 thoughts on “TUSCANY – Villa Nobile, Cortona

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  2. Hey, thinking about all of you! Hope you are all settled in and painting away. Post pics soon and Hi to everyone – wish I was there. Ciao ciao

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  4. Hi Jann, Love your Travel Blog, it really shows Villa Nobile for the amazing place that it is. I am so overwelmed with all the wonderful comments that come in from all over the world from guests that have stayed at Villa Nobile, Cortona. Thank you for making it more visible with your wonderful blog
    Raffaele Nobile

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