2016 – Day 4 – THE ART EXHIBIT


2016 – Day 4 – THE ART EXHIBIT   I realized I missed posting photos of the big event. A few are posted below. It was great thanks to our host, Margie!

IMG_1776.jpegIMG_7011.jpegIMG_6998 (1).jpeg


2016 – Day 6 & 7 TEXAS TRIP



Up early to miss the Dallas traffic, but caught a great sunrise. You do not want to get caught on I35 like we did at rush our coming in. Shortly, it was back to watching for signs.
Our stop this night was in Hoover, Alabama – near Birmingham. This place called Cajun Steamers was hopping and yes, that is an alligator skin on the wall.
Next day it was back to signs, but by now, we had almost found all of them. On the trip our best technique for staying awake was telling stories – about growning up in Finland and Iowa.
And here we are back home, with the car emptied.  What fun we did have! Next trip? We do not know yet, but if it is a fun location, we might go:-) We are going painting on Tuesday to a nursery.  . . .

On to Texas


DAY 2  And more driving – through 7 states in two days – North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and finally, Texas. The road was covered with trees on both sides so vistas were non-existent. We entertained ourselves by hunting for story-telling signs so it became quite an adventure. Stopping for lunch at Catfish Village was one of them. After an exciting trip through the center of Dallas due to rush hour traffic, we finally arrived to Margies.

Texas Here We Come


DAY 1 – Starting the road trip to Dallas where we are driving over 100 paintings for a little art exhibit in Argyle, thanks to our host, Margie. First we drove through the Carolinas. Then it was Georgia and driving though Atlanta. 

2015 Venice DAY 3


Today it was a bit cooler so a few of us got up quite early, walked to St Marks to catch the gondolas without too many people. We also caught this wonderful five masted ship coming out of the fog. We painted in the San Barnaba area with the market boats coming in with fresh produce. Susie taught a quick lesson to a couple of little adorable girls. They used all of the cobalt teal as it was their favorite. Back to the hotel for a rest and then we strolled in the cooler evening to a restaurant outside. The walk home along the water was dramatic. The sailing ship even danced by, lit up with lights on the masts.

2015 Lake Como – DAY 5 and 6


August 28-29, Friday and Saturday

Another beautiful morning so we took the ferry back to Varenna and painted in Villa Monasteries gardens. After a lovely lunch at a hotel, we returned to paint but the heat zapped the passion. The ride back on the water felt really great. And tonight, we drove to the top of the mountain to a farm-to-table restaurant with panoramic views of all three lakes. Saturday was a day off so everyone did exactly what they wished.

Lake Como – DAY 4


Today, we headed by ferry to Varenna, another spectacular village on the water. We painted there most of the day, enjoyed lunch outside in perfect weather, some went for a short hike and Michael had rented a bike so he toured a bit further than we did.