September, 2013 – TWO WEEKS IN PARIS


TWO WEEK IN PARIS – September, 2013


I am posting a link to see the photo book on my Paris Painting trip with Janie McMahan.  It was spectacular!! We managed to get in a lot of painting, walking, eating and lots of wine! Did you know the reason the French drink so much wine is the water was bad. It wasn’t until Napolean brought the canals to Paris that they had fresh water. Enjoy!  I certainly did.

CLICK here to see the book: PARIS BOOK 


Day 13, Sunday, October 6


PAINTING TWO WEEKS IN PARIS, FRANCE – September 23 – October 8, 2013

Today, Sunday was relatively quiet on the street so we decided to take a walk to Notre Dame and L’Isle de Cite and L’Isle St. Louis. First stop was for a great breakfast on St. Louis. Then we walked to L’Isle de Cite, circling the island and views. The center is now an archeological dig and rebuilding. It wasn’t in English so I couldn’t understand it’s importance but it is quite extensive. We walked home and painted the rest the date day. Our French singers were there again all afternoon right below us,  but we stayed and painted this time. Its hard to believe but tomorrow we must think about packing. Janie returns home and I head for Florence to teach at Villa le Barone.

Day 12, Saturday, October 5


It was another quiet painting day until late afternoon. We were missing our 5 mile walks so we walked toward Luxembourg Gardens. The French parks are amazIng with lots of walking areas available to the public for free. There was even an enormous child playground where the kids acted the same regardless of the language. We had fun playing with settings on our cameras to get the mood of what we were seeing even if we didn’t have any sun. Walked back home for dinner purchased at a local Italian deli. The first photo shows the view we have every day for breakfast.

DAY 10 & 11, Thurs., Fri, October 3 & 4


Thursday was a painting day all day at the apartment. In the evening we went for a lovely dinner in the restaurant right below us.

Friday we walked through the Marais in the morning while heading for the St. Martin Canal boat ride. It was a long but interesting walk. Quick lunch on the street and then to the canals. It is a 2.5 hour canal boat ride that takes you through 4 locks and 2 swinging bridges and a mile long tunnel under the Bastille! And this is all in Paris! We Walked at least 6 miles today. Needed to walk off the wine the night before!

DAY 9, October 2, Wednesday


Today was a Right Bank day. We visited the old historical Opera, Galleria Lafayette with some shopping, of course, and to lunch at Le Grand Colbert, where ‘As Good As It Gets’ was filmed. It is a wonderful old Parisian restaurant and I highly recommend it. After more walking and wine stop, we tried walking around the islands, Ile de Cite and Ile St. Louis but the light was gone already. Notre Dame is celebrating its 850 year anniversary!

DAY 8, October 1, Tuesday


Today was a painting day. Janie made a great salad for lunch and I made pasta with shrimp purchased from the fish market on the street with arugula and tomato. We only walked five miles today – walking to out favorite store, Sennelier. It’s an old art store that is quite inspirational. Of course, we had to purchase some great papers and brushes.

DAY 7, Monday, September 30


Got up early today to catch the train to Vernon/Giverny. We elected to walk the three miles from the train station to Giverny and what an amazing walk. The miles were well worth it as the photos show. The crowds were not too bad and we thoroughly enjoyed Monets Garden, taking lots of photos and sketching. Although I had obtained permission to paint in the garden after hours, we couldn’t start painting until 6 o’clock so we were concerned about being there too late. If you ever want to do that, I would suggest staying in a Bed and Breakfast for the night. Instead, we walked back the three miles and painted right on that lovely street. We also visited the museum of the Impressionists and saw an incredible exhibition by Hiramatsu called Hommage to Monet. We clocked about ten miles today.