2015 VENICE – DAY 2

Tuesday, September 1

Great breakfast at the hotel, then we hopped aboard the valparetto, St Elena stop, and headed for the St. Marco stop. Everyone was on their own in the morning to work on the shopping-gene, and tour, too while Raffaele and I checked out some painting sites, including the gondolier repair shop. Lunch was at Cucina da Mario on a canal. Must be good as the gondoliers were all having lunch there, too. The heat was too much for the afternoon so we played at being Italian and took a nap back at the hotel. Jann did a quick demo on some special paints, including using some luminescent pigments and texture paints. In the evening we took the valparetto to dinner at San Barnaba, eating outside in the plaza. We are missing Kristin, Michael and Patti from Lake Como, but welcome Pat and John Smythe (in the blue below). On the valporetto ride to dinner, we got the golden pink sunset! We are on the water all of the time and loving it!

image image image image image image image image


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