Day 2. Tuesday, Sept 16

It was a wonderful day on our first day out painting. The weather was perfect – sunny, not to hot and a slight wind to keep us cool. Of, course the incredible views might have had a bit to do with it, too. We painted exercises on learning to see the light and shapes. Had a great lunch sitting outside on a veranda with this amazing vista.



One thought on “Day 2. Tuesday, Sept 16

  1. What a beautiful place!!!!

    Do you have a lady on your trip whose last name is Henderson (I think)? I ask because there was a gentleman who came into the USO on Saturday who said that he had been seated, on his flight from Texas, next to a lady who was an artist on her way to Tuscany for a painting class. He mentioned her name, but I can’t quite remember it, that’s why I think it’s Henderson. I just thought it was so interesting.

    Have a fabulous time, Nicky


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