September, 2013 – TWO WEEKS IN PARIS

TWO WEEK IN PARIS – September, 2013


I am posting a link to see the photo book on my Paris Painting trip with Janie McMahan.  It was spectacular!! We managed to get in a lot of painting, walking, eating and lots of wine! Did you know the reason the French drink so much wine is the water was bad. It wasn’t until Napolean brought the canals to Paris that they had fresh water. Enjoy!  I certainly did.

CLICK here to see the book: PARIS BOOK 


3 thoughts on “September, 2013 – TWO WEEKS IN PARIS

    • Hi Roberta:

      Thank so much for your comments. The trip was marvelous!! Yes, you could purchase one right on the link by hitting the ORDER PHOTO BOOK button. You probably have to set up an account, but if you do, they are offering a 40% discount on everything until October 28 right now. Enter FIRSTLOOK as the discount code.

      I am not charging anything for it, but felt it was nice to share as it was such a special trip. I really now know Paris!


    • Thank you! It was a very special trip. Yes, you may purchase the book directly on the Shutterfly site; I am not charging anything but wanted to share as it was so wonderful! I now know Paris well and cannot wait to get to the paints!

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